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I feel like we daily Yoga practitioners have a special connect with the universe, a rather direct connection. We are constantly exploring what lies within our minds and hearts by stimulating it more everyday with every intense practise; always undergoing changes resulting in miracles. However, the first retreat held in Lonavala by Brent was the real deal for me. It was a life changer. An absolute upside down perspective to life - literally! With all the headstands and high frequency living for 2 days straight, it was not just a glance into the parallel universe but indeed a revolutionary discovery of life I never knew existed within the layers of my being. There's so much I could learn from Brent and his teachings in these two days. At the retreat that I felt blessed to be trained by a pure soul like him. Sure, we do have things that would discourage, disappoint and eventually disconnect us from our conscious living but Brent gave us all he had to us.
Honestly I couldn't have thought better of spending two days of my life under such intense yoga sessions that lead to body and mind-changing experiences. You're a gift from the universe, Brent. Only the positive souls would realise this. God bless you, always.

- Falguni Khatri

The retreat was quite rigorous for a not-so-regular Yoga practitioner like me but was worth every minute for various reasons - it helped me better my asana practice; it made me realise that the barriers are only in the mind, because of the way I could push myself with adequate instructions & support that Brent provided, during every asana. It gives me goosebumps to recollect the moment when Brent gave me a hi-five after doing my first ever head stand with minimal support. While I know I didn't give up, I would say Brent never let me give up. I came back home with stronger mind and body. It would be no exaggeration to say that I am proud to have been part of Brent Goble's first retreat because I know he would go a long way in making significant differences in people's lives and more importantly, I know something in me would remain changed forever.

- Dharini Sridhar

I enjoyed a wonderful yoga filled retreat at Lonavala organized by Brent Goble in July.
What stood out for me was Brent's authenticity and unique techniques. It is very evident that Brent is very passionate about yoga. He brings a rich multi cultural dimension in his teachings with his background.

The retreat was absolutely intense yet mentally liberating. I admired Brent's teaching style. I would highly recommend him to anybody wanting to learn beginner's or advanced yoga. The food served at the retreat was also amazing and sattvic.
The retreat itself was tucked away in Tungarli near Lonavala surrounded by nature's bounty,We all had a wonderful time learning about and practicing yoga and will definitely return for the next one.

- Asmita Deshmukh


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