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Many people are curious about wanting to start/experience a Yoga practice, but where to begin? In this 11 class course, the practitioner will go 1-on-1 with Brent 3-4 times per week via Zoom Video App, for a 45-minute session. After a thorough consultation is finished, Brent will give a tailored plan that best fits the needs, goals, and limitations of the practitioner. The following will be some of the main topics covered over the course.

Please Note: there is a 45-day maximum validity period for the 11 Class Package.

  • 1 reschedule per week is allotted.
  • Make sure your network service is of sufficient speed and size for the 45 min video classes.
  • Zoom App is best used on computers, laptops and tablets. The software will be needed for classes.

Special Discounts in Membership

As a one-on-one student of Brent, you will have special pricing for ongoing programs, workshops, and downloadable content on www.peaceofblueyoga.com.

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Dedicated 1-on-1 Private Instruction.

Brent has been teaching for just over 2 years, with 3 Teacher Training Certifications from The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, and Indea Yoga in Mysore. He possesses a keen understanding of not only the importance of practice, but of anatomy, physiology, philosophy, communication, and mentorship.

Surya Namaskar

    • Asanas
    • Breathing Cues
    • Alignment
    • Lock Activation
    • Mantra

Hatha Asanas

The postures are the iconic aspect of a yoga practice. In the beginners program will work through standing, lunging, prone, supine, and seated postures that work within the safe limits of the practitioner. Detailed instruction of breath, alignment, and engagement will be given so the practitioner is comfortable and confident in their abilities to progress on their own.

Breathwork – Pranayama

Considered more superior to the postures, our life force flows through the breath. Proper understanding of the breath is needed for deeper exploration into a yoga practice. The practitioner will undergo various breathing exercises to maximize the effectiveness of their lungs both in a dedicated asana practice and during meditation.

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1 Class Package, 11 Class Package

12 responses to “Beginner Online”

    • The classes are 999Rs. It’s a private, one on one class.

      The class will entail a session based around the practicioners experience and skill level. If you’re an absolute beginner, we will begin with Surya Namaskar.

    • Hi there,
      We have just updated our pricing. For a single class it will be 1499Rs. For an 11 class package the total will be 12,000Rs.

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